LEDing the way in ultrasonics and polishing

LM-ProPowers are versatile ultrasonic and air polishing devices for professional dental care. Distinguished ergonomics combined with uniquely designed LED lighting, advanced electronics and high-durability LM-DuraGradeMAX tips make LM-ProPower devices outstanding for all procedures requiring great precision. In addition to scaling and polishing, it brings power to numerous other treatments on the diverse field of dentistry.


LM-ProPower AirLED is the world’s first ever polisher with light. The powerful LED lights and precise powder jet ensure reliable and continuous operation, making the polisher a perfect cleaning tool for the diverse areas of dentistry.

LM-ProPower is the ultimate power tool with a delicate touch.

Easy-to-use touch panel

LM-ProPower’s uncomplicated control board simplifies the ultrasonic treatment and cleaning processes, allowing you to focus on the essential. Power is adjusted via working mode buttons on the board, each marked with icons similar to the ones on tips. The built-in cleaning system assures a high level of hygiene. It is activated by pressing just one button.

Quick-connect containers

Easily changeable transparent medicament, water and powder containers are attached to the body of the device. The upright positioning of the containers avoids leakage problems and filling levels of liquid and powder are always clearly visible. The internal water system and sterile option with LM-SteriKit guarantee premium hygiene.

Three attributes OF EXCELENCE

  1. First-class handpiece ergonomics
    LM-ProPower’s handpieces are equipped with impressive LED lights that effectively illuminate the treatment area, providing optimal visibility and reducing eye strain. A comfortable, non-slip grip is attained with the exchangeable LM-ErgoGrip silicone shells. The autoclavable handpieces have smooth outer surface making them easy to clean and wipe. In the ultrasonic handpiece the water regulation is embedded, allowing easy and quick adjustment of spray.
  2. Superior visibility with LED lights
    • Optimised light angle – better focus, concentrated light
    • Two lens options – LM-ErgoGrip LED and Focus LED
    • Six light sources – even distribution of the light
    • The most powerful LED lights in the market (70 000 lux)
    The LED light generates no heat in the handpiece and lasts for 100 000 hours (30 years). It illuminates the treatment area effectively and guarantees good visibility even through water or powder spray. The optimised colour temperature of the light (white–blue colour) creates a good contrast, making calculus and stains more visible.
  3. Interchangeable and autoclavable silicone
    ErgoGrips LM-ErgoGrip LED with wide ring lens and LM-ErgoGrip Focus LED with focused lens both guarantee a comfortable, non-slip grip and good tactile sensitivity. The soft material dampens the vibrations and keeps your hands warm, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and blood circulation problems.
    ErgoGrips are removable and autoclavable, disposing of the need for buying several expensive handpieces. A few ErgoGrips will keep your practise running effectively patient after patient.
LM-ProPower UltraLED LM 100732 (liquid dispenser, IntroKit)
L x W x H 270 x 140 x 165 mm (without bottle and powder container)
Weight 3200 g
Voltage 100 Vac, 50–60 Hz
115 Vac, 50–60 Hz
230 Vac, 50–60 Hz
Power cord Separate with protective earthed plug
Power consumption Max. 40 VA
Water supply pressure 1–10 bar (0,1–1,0 MPa, 14,5–145 PSI) with external water supply
Water consumption 10–50 ml/min
Bottle volume 500 ml (internal water supply)
Air supply pressure 4 - 10 bar (0,4 - 1,0 MPa, 58 - 145 PSI)
Air consumption Max. 20 l/min
Powder container capacity 40 g

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