• The first domestic manufacturer with a pressure vessel license, tested by the national special agency
  • Data exchange via GPRS, remote control (optional function)
  • Microcomputer intelligent control, fault self-test, imported Motorola sensor, precise control
  • Sterilization temperature difference ±0.5 degrees during sterilization
  • Friendly interface, easy to understand
  • B&D test, vacuum test for easy inspection of machine performance
  • Steam generator cleaning program automatically cleans the pipeline inside the machine to avoid blockage. Every 100 reminders.
  • Drying time can be adjusted according to user needs
  • Omron button, working tens of thousands of times without trouble
  • A dual-purpose machine that not only disinfects the device, but also disinfects the cotton and is dry
  • LCD display sterilization process data and curves, at a glance
  • Language, date, time can be set according to user needs
  • Imported silicone tube, high pressure and high temperature resistance
  • Open water tank for easy cleaning and avoiding the growth of chlorotoxin
  • The water tank is short of water, the waste water tank is full of water, and there is no need to worry about the water shortage in the water tank.
  • Water quality sensor detects the quality of distilled water and reduces machine failure rate
  • One-time stretched pot body with imported material 304 stainless steel
  • Safety valve is provided to ensure that the machine safely releases the pressure in the pan in an emergency
  • Double door lock protection, mechanical lock with air lock, the machine can not be opened when the pressure in the pot is not reached to 0
  • Multiple safety protection to protect the safety of disinfection equipment personnel
  • Air-conditioning cooling system prevents the machine from overheating
  • Made of ABS plastic, fully moulded
  • Italian water pump
  • Imported cup double-head vacuum pump, vacuuming more thoroughly
  • Sterilizer level can be adjusted by adjustable foot pad, free delivery level
  • Optional printer Standard built-in USB module for recording sterilization process
  • Suitable for dentistry, beauty, orthopedics, ophthalmology
Model Voltage (V/Hz) Power (W) Capacity (L) Chamber size (mm) Product Size (mm) Weight (N.W(Kgs))
SEA-17L 220/50 1800 17 ø 249X355 594X468X453 47
SEA-22L 220/50 1800 22 ø 249X450 594X468X453 50

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