• B type fully automatic front loading autoclave with a capacity of 29Ltr & 45Ltr
  • With vacuum, dry cycle & microprocessor controlled
  • Touchable screen makes it easy for operation
  • User -friendly operation Interface with elegant design
  • Circuit Breaker for Cuts off external power supply during device malfunction.
  • Safety Valve for releases pressure overload and restores idle chamber pressure when the chamber is over-pressured
  • Air Filter for Filters airborne impurities into the chamber to prevent contamination
  • Two Vacuum Pumps for Sufcient vacuum with superior drying results.
  • Two condensers for faster cooling, prolongs life time
  • Two types of record (Dural Recording) – USB & Micro Printer (optional)
  • Warranty and Service provided in pan india basis
Model Voltage (V/Hz) Power (W) Capacity (L) Chamber size (mm) Product Size (mm) Weight (N.W(Kgs))
SEA-29L 220/50 2500 29 ø 319X420 535X650X505 80
SEA-45L 220/50 3300 45 ø 319X620 535X850X505 92

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