The AM-6000 series is the highest Alltion model, with the greatest advantage being especially the new superior optics with smooth manual zoom and completely redesigned shoulders. The microscope also received larger (wider) eyepieces (21 and 23mm) and more setup options for its users.

  • The 8-degree continuous zoom optic (manual zoom) represents the state-of-the-art microscope concept. The eyepieces are longer and wider, providing a more comfortable view of the microscope and a larger working field.
  • Completely new shoulders, movement is now much simpler and more accurate.
  • ALL-CAM2 is integrated in a beam-splitter that is a direct part of the head. Camera control is ergonomically designed on the handles of the device.*

The light source of the AM-6000 is an integrated 40W LED.

* = Accessories for extra charge.

  • 8-step manual zoom (0.5 / 0.8 / 1/2/3/4/5 / 6.5)
  • Fixed focus (working distance) mm: Optionally 200/250/300/350/400 with fine focusing
  • Variable focus (varioscope) mm: 200 - 300 *
  • Eyepieces: 10x / 12.5x (base 10x) with adjustable eyepieces and adjustable refractive ratio (diopter) + -7D
  • Binocular head inclined 0-180 o , with adjustable eyepiece spacing 50-75mm rotary wheel (stepper with scale)
  • Adjustable intensity light source: LED 40W 55,000 lux
  • Shoulders:
    - standard pantograph 600 or 950 mm long
    - extension arm 350mm * to a standard 600mm pantograph (better choice when placing the microscope on the edge or behind the head of the surgeon)
    - connecting arm of optics 120 standard or balance * (if external recording equipment is connected - mirror, camera)
  • Video recording options: * Alltion ALL-CAM2, external camera / SLR camera
  • Orange filter for photocomposition mode, green filter for better blood differentiation (eg inside the canal, surgery)
  • Complete accessories for video recording
  • Complete accessories to enhance ergonomics
Type Description AM-6000
Microscopes Eyepiece Ratio 10X
Eyepiece  Field 23 mm
Zoom System manual zoom ratio, 1:8
Binocular 0-1800 adjustable binocular
Range of Pupillary Distance 50 mm - 75 mm
Objective Lens objective lens 250 mm (300 mm / 400 mm are optional)
variable objective lens, working distance: 200 mm - 300 mm
Maximum Object Illumination ≥ 60000 (Lux)
Color Rendering ≥ 85%
Color Temperature 5700K
Rated Voltage 100 - 240 V 50 / 60 Hz
Input Power 35 - 60 VA
Beam Splitter Built-in beam splitter
Camera Built-in full function camera
Built-in Full Function Camera Sensor 1/2" SONY high-sensitivity and low-noise CMOSS
Resolution HD 1080P 60FPS (16:9)
Internal Storage Built-in 32G SD memory space. USB flash disk can be connected externally
Data Format Picture: JPG format; Video: MP4 format
Wifi With the function of external Wifi, it can transmit images
Video Resolution 1080P
Basic Function Freeze, photograph, video recording, automatic exposure, white balance, play back and cross curve
Image Effect Exposure value, best brightness, gain, red gain, blue gain, saturability, contrast ratio, definition and HDR
Advanced Functions Horizontal flip, vertical flip, zoom out, zoom in, AOI and image comparison
System Settings Internal / external storage, automatic / autonomous naming, Chinese / English, show / hide rulers, system update, factory reset, export and version information
PC Client Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10
Mobile Client Android system, IOS system
Main-Body Size Maximum Working Distance 1700 mm
Working Height Range 750 mm - 1550 mm
Stand Base 640 mm X 640 mm
Optical Parameter
Objective Lens F200 F250 F300 F350 F400
Magnification Changer Total Magnification Field Of View (mm) Total Magnification Field Of View (mm) Total Magnification Field Of View (mm) Total Magnification Field Of View (mm) Total Magnification Field Of View (mm)
0.4X 4.1X 54.0 3.4X 66.0 2.8X 66.0 2.4X 92.9 2.1X 105.5
0.5X 5.1X 44.0 4.2X 53.7 3.5X 53.7 3.0X 74.2 2.6X 84.4
0.8X 8.2X 29.0 6.7X 35.0 5.6X 35.0 4.8X 49.5 4.2X 56.3
1.0X 10.3X 22.0 8.4X 27.0 7.0X 27.0 6.0X 37.2 5.2X 42.2
1.5X 15.4X 14.5 12.6X 17.8 10.5X 17.8 8.9X 24.8 7.9X 28.1
2.0X 20.5X 10.9 16.8X 13.3 14.0X 13.3 11.9X 18.6 10.5X 21.1
2.5X 25.6X 8.7 21.0X 10.8 17.5X 10.8 14.9X 14.9 13.1X 16.9
3.3X 33.8X 6.6 27.7X 8.1 23.0X 8.1 19.6X 11.4 17.3X 13.0

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