GC introduces FLEXCEED, a new vinyl polysiloxane impression material that is affordable yet accurately replicates the highest level of detail for your crown and bridge restorations.

FLEXCEED helping you achieve impressions that will exceed your expectations.

FLEXCEED, with its lowest contact angle, displaces moisture and flows into subgingival areas rather than flowing away to mucosal surfaces, thus producing accurate impression detail.

Impression you take just once, all the time.

FLEXCEED exhibits the highest tear strength to give an accurate impression detail everytime.

The subgingival and interproximal regions of the impression are often very thin and can tear during the removal of the impression. FLEXCEED has been tested to have the highest strength to resist tearing in comparison to other vps impression materials.

Impression for veneers, inlay, onlay, crown or bridge

FLEXCEED exceeds the performance of other impression materials with two consistencies, FLEXCEED Light Body and FLEXCEED Putty, for an optimum putty-wash impression material.

  • Better reproduction detail with two viscosities (Putty & Light Body)
  • Exhibits pseudo-plastic properties for precision which is not found in alginates
  • Superior tear strength than any other VPS material
  • Better dimensional stability – multiple models can be poured upto two weeks
  • Good hydrophilicity
  • Compatible with gypsum products
  • Superior wetting characteristics ensuring gypsum working cast is hard with smooth surface
  • Can be subjected to cold sterilization without compromising the details and dimensional stability of the impression


  • PUTTY, 1x Base 500g (278mL), 1x Catalyst 500g (278mL)
  • LIGHT BODY, 2x Cartridges 78g (50mL)
  • 8 Mixing Tips (Pink)
  • 8 Intraoral Tips


  • FLEXCEED PUTTY 1x Base 500g (278mL), 1x Catalyst 500g (278mL)


  • 2x Cartridges 78g (50mL)
  • 8 Mixing Tips (Pink)
  • 8 Intraoral Tips

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