FIT CHECKER ADVANCED BLUE are Vinyl Polyether Silicone (VPES) materials that are ideal for fit-checking dentures, PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal) Restorations, ceramic prosthetics and occlusal contact. FIT CHECKER ADVANCED BLUE is ideal for fit-checking ceramic prosthetics and occlusal contact). FIT CHECKER ADVANCED BLUE provide optimal flowability, excellent detail and accuracy that is not affected by saliva. The products' minimal film thickness provides excellent transparency for easy fit-checking. FIT CHECKER ADVANCED BLUE also peel away easily, leaving a clean, residue-free fitting surface. In-office adjustments are convenient and time-saving for all patients.

Fit Checker Advanced Blue has the ideal blue colour gradation for fit checking of all kinds of prosthetic works, especially resin, ceramic and zirconia-based crowns and bridges as well as bite registration and evaluation of occlusal contacts.

  • Thixotropic consistency with easy flow under pressure
  • Minimal film thickness for a precise seat of the restoration
  • Visible colour gradation for easy identification of misfits
  • Increased hardness to allow smooth and easy trimming with bur
  • High tear resistance for easy removal
  • Transparent blue colour allows an analysis of the occlusal situation, even under 100 µm thickness
  • Available in automix cartridge for precise and optimized application

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