GC Fuji BOND LC is a flexible and desensitizing bonding agent for all direct placement, composite resin restorations. It chemically bonds composite to dentin, enamel and cementum, which is then reinforced by the mechanical interlock of the hybrid layer. GC Fuji BOND LC allows expansion and contraction of the resin restorative as well as the flexure of tooth without opening cavosurface margins.

  • Outstanding fluoride release
  • Consistent results; easy to use
  • Ideal for Posterior Restorations
  • Can be used with all VLC Composites
  • Protects restoration from secondary decay
  • Post-operative sensitivity is reduced or eliminated
  • Chemically and mechanically bonds to tooth structure
  • Flexes with tooth, which preserves the bond between the restoration and tooth

Adhesive based on GIC that is suitable for all composites

  • High elasticity
  • Hydrophilic
  • Controlled setting, within 20 seconds
  • Safe adhesive bond to dentine/enamel
  • Durable marginal seal, no etching
  • Can be used with all VLC composites
  • Ideal for posterior restorations

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