GC Gold Label 2 LC has new, smaller glass particles which allow greater density and assures a smoother, glossier, more attractive finish. The harder material offers higher abrasion resistance so the restoration retains a brilliant, longer discoloration-free surface finish. Nothing rivals Gold Label 2 LC Restorative in aesthetics, simplicity and economy when it comes to Class III and Class V Restorations, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions, and root surface caries liner/base.

  • Class III and V restorations
  • Root surface caries and cervical erosion
  • Abfraction lesions
  • Lesions where cavity margins are in dentine or when enamel cannot be properly etched
  • Smaller particles
  • Excellent aesthetics and polishability
  • Higher filler loading
  • Significantly improved abrasion resistance
  • Good radiopacity
  • Self adhesive to tooth structure
  • No etching, no bonding
  • High fluoride release protects against secondary caries
  • Triple cure allows immediate finishing after light curing
  • Available in 11 translucent Vita® shades

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