Light curing protective varnish with a nanofiller. EQUIA Coat is the first self-adhesive protective coating containing a uniformly distributed nanofiller for glass ionomer, composite and temporary restorations. The coating gives a damp shine, which increases the aesthetics of the restoration.

Shades: the varnish has a yellowish shade, so it must be taken into account when covering the front teeth.

The use of EQUIA Coat allows the polishing of the restoration, since the material makes it possible to obtain a shiny and smooth surface due to a very simple three-stage coating procedure. Currently, EQUIA Coat is widely used by dentists in Ukraine
and the world to achieve excellent quality and excellent aesthetics of restoration.

  • Increased strength of restoration
  • Resistance to breakage
  • A full replacement of the procedure for polishing glass ionomer cements
  • Sealing of the edge fit
  • Clean smooth surface
  • Protection of the area of ​​the borders of tooth tissues with restorative material
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Protects glass ionomer cements from initial sensitivity to moisture
  • Cured by different types of photopolymers (halogen, LED, plasma arc)
  • Glass ionomer restorations
  • Direct and indirect composite restorations
  • Temporary restorations
  • Available restorations
  • As an edge sealant

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