Motor Chair

The motor chair movements are microcomputer-controlled and has a silent electro-hydraulic seat elevating action; a maximum load of 135kgs.and electro-hydraulic backrest raising action; a maximum load of 55kgs.and backrest reclining action. The motor chair has the contour-type seat and slim, round type backrest, left side armrest(fixed type) with easy-to-clean upholstery, and the free support type headrest with extensive adjustment range of 180mm.

The motor chair has five memory operations; the ①Memory & ②Auto switch to move the chair into the desired position and the gargling position to raise the backrest only, the ③Auto 2(A2) to reverse the chair to the entry/exit position, the ④M2 to move the chair into the second desired position, and the ⑤last position to return to slightly adjusted position (from the desired position) after the gargling position, as well as has manual operations.


The motor chair has the following safety systems:-

  1. Chair Lock System
    Means that all motor chair movements cannot be activated when an instrument is being used.
  2. Emergency Stop
    The action taking place with depression of the memory & auto, auto 2(A2) or M2 switch can be stopped midway in movement by depressing the STOP switch on the assistant's instrument holder or by pressing any of switches except the switch activated.
  3. Safety System
    The chair movement is automatically suspended when the chair base is stepped, the obstacles like an assistant stool, etc. touch the bottom of the assistant's instrument holder arm, the lower part of the spittoon section or the backrest.

The motor chair have left side armrest.


There are five distinctive control systems and features, as follows:-

  1. First Priority System permits activation of only the "first" instrument taken from the instrument holder.
  2. Turbine Air Flushing Clean System for use of two Osada Fine Joint air turbines. A very effective contamination prevention system with flushing air creating an air curtain which prevents entry of virus, bacteria, blood, etc., into the air turbine handpiece.
  3. Turbine Oil Rotating System revolves two air turbines for about 30 seconds, in order to get rid of any excess oil from the turbine handpieces after lubrication.
  4. Instrument Cleansing System cleanses the hoses of the air turbines, micromotor and ultrasonic multipurpose instrument with running water for about 30 seconds.
  5. Instrument Memory System selects the instrument settings as F(free), M1(memory 1), M2(memory 2) and M3(memory 3) by the instrument memory switch.

The following instruments are supplied:-

  1. One Osada Tron OF1-TP & One Osada Tron OF1-MP Air Turbines 340,000min-1 with press-chuck system, triple spray system, illumination system and free-rotating hose connection
  2. One Osada G1 Brushless Micromotor 100 – 40,000min-1 (H:1,000 – 40,000m-1 & L:100 – 1,000m-1)with internal spray and illumination system and G1 set containing one SHG02 (1:1) straight handpiece, CAG01 (1:1) contra handpiece.
  3. One Osada Multi-Syringe F with heater element for air supply and detachable syringe nozzle and outer sheath which can be autoclaved.

Spittoon Stand

The spittoon bowl is kept clean by titanic oxide coating which has photocatalytic reaction and the spittoon bowl flushing nozzle can be detached very easily which means it can be washed under running water. The assistant's instrument holder has the touch-switch panel for three memory operations (M&A, M2 & A2), as well as for spittoon flushing and STOP operations, and can be supplied with one saliva ejector hose and one oral evacuator hose with the cock.

Aspiration System

The oral evacuator hose and saliva ejector hose with the cock are supplied for use with the central evacuation system which is not supplied.

Operating Light

LH-M19S-5000K (LED Lamp)
The operating light has brightness of 30,000 lux (Color temperature: 5,000K), pattern of 100mm long x 200mm wide from 700mm distance, and is automatically switched ON and OFF, coupled to memory operations of the motor chair as well as the manual switch.

Foot Control

The single lever foot controller has chair control pedals, for hands-free operations of all instruments and fine positioning of motor chair, as well as the spray pedal for turbine and micromotor spray on/off operations. The single foot lever is used for ON/OFF operation plus three stages of the rotation, low, medium and high speeds of the air turbines as well as for chip blowing of the air turbines, ON/OFF operation plus speed adjustments of the micromotor, and ON/OFF operation of the ultrasonic multipurpose instrument.

Junction Box

Which is attached to the front of the chair base is for air supply pipe, water supply pipe, drainage pipe and vacuum pipe plus electricity.

Power input
Voltage AC 220V (Counter type)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Currency 5 A

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