Charisma® Opal – discover the simplicity of natural restorations

Charisma Opal enables the creation of beautiful, invisible restorations in a simple and usable manner. With its intrinsic colour characteristics mimicking natural tooth substance and its comprehensible shade system, Charisma Opal fulfills all wishes to provide your patients with the best treatment possible – in the least time possible.

  • Beauty is easily achieved: Charisma Opal provides natural fluorescence and opalescence effects as well as optimized opacities for naturally beautiful restorations. With Charisma Opal naturality and beauty are ready to hand.
  • The shades are easily matched: You profit from a compact shade system with 14 shades for every indication. And Charisma Opal provides a 2-layer shade guide which is hand-layered and made of original material to determine the right color for a filling. Shade matching has never been this easy and accurate!
  • Its balanced attributes are easy to rely on: The development of Charisma Opal is based on our long-term experience with Charisma. According to numerous research groups worldwide, Charisma Opal covers all demands of a universal composite system as it combines natural aesthetics and polishability with equilibrated physical properties.

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