Charisma® Classic. Experience x Research = Microglass® II effect.

Charisma Classic is the very first composite to offer the second generation of Microglass filler technology. We developed this new and enhanced technology in close cooperation with practitioners worldwide to meet your requirements for composite workability and natural brilliance. Single-shade layering techniques have never been this easy.

With Microglass® II effect

What you see is what you get! As all refractive indices of our matrix and filler system have been optimally aligned, the new filler technology offers an intrinsic shade brilliance and increased colour adaption of up to 56%. For you that means :

  • Easy single-shade layering techniques and more natural restorations
  • Convenient shade selection and matching
  • Easier masking of discolorations

Easy handling

Due to its creamy consistency Charisma Classic allows easy and fast modeling. And it comes with excellent finishing and polishing properties that facilitate a high surface lustre. In addition, the easy shade range permits a convenient shade selection and matching. Where else do you meet high quality and reliability standards with such ease?

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