OPTIGLAZE Color is a revolutionary new material developed specifically to stain and glaze your composite, acrylic and PMMA type materials. You can now change shades, shift value, characterize, create effects and glaze all your resin type prosthetics in no time at all. Best of all, offer your dentists and patients a more beautiful and esthetic restoration that will last due to GC's innovative new homogeneously dispersed nano-filler technology. The versatility of OPTIGLAZE Color will impress you because it adds color, surface gloss and high wear resistance to all your artificial teeth, acrylic dentures, hybrid ceramic crowns, implant retained dentures, composite crowns and bridge, temporary resin crowns and bridges and acrylic permanently fixed with implants.

  • Ready-to-use, easy-to-handle and cuts on the polishing stage, saving you valuable time
  • Choose from a wide variety of colors, both for internal and external characterization leading to perfect aesthetics
  • Renowned nano-filler technology gives your restoration a high-wear resistance for long-lasting gloss with a high discoloration resistance

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