Product Name

Brand: Legor
Category: Alloys for gold > Master alloys

Master alloy for mechanical working of 375-585‰ (9-14 Kt) yellow gold

B143HN is an Ultracast master alloy for 375-585‰ (9-14 Kt) yellow gold jewelry, designed for mechanical working. It is particularly suitable in processes where high hardness and high mechanical resistance are requested, such as hollow chain and hollow tube production.
B143HN has been designed specifically for excellent age-hardening performance in 375‰ and 585‰ gold by means of a thermal treatment. Please refer to the technical chart for information on the correct age-hardening procedure.
The color of 585‰ gold made using B143HN shows a light yellow hue. In title 375‰ the alloy has a green yellow hue.