Product Name

Brand: Legor
Category: Alloys for gold > Master alloys

Master alloy for casting of 375-585‰ (9-14 Kt) yellow gold

C37CS is an Ultracast master alloy for 375-585‰ (9-14 Kt) yellow gold jewelry, designed for lost-wax casting in open systems. It is also particularly suitable for stone-in-place casting.
The color of 585‰ gold made using C37CS shows a light yellow hue. In title 375‰ the alloy has a green yellow hue.
The alloy is not suitable for age-hardening.
C37CS has a high level of deoxidizers; this makes it suitable for casting in open systems. During melting it is clean from dirt and leaves minimum residue in the crucible.
C37CS offers excellent fluidity in casting; the as-cast tree is clean from oxide scales; it has extremely high shininess and lustrous color after finishing.